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At C. KRISHNIAH CHETTY GROUP OF JEWELLERS, accurate representation is taken seriously. Every diamond below 0.228 in carat weight is guaranteed to be either DEF IF-VVS or GH VVS or HI VS Grades as will be depicted against each item on the website. Diamonds over 0.288 in carat weight will be accompanied with individual diamond reports issued by the House of CKC and in addition may have additional independent reports from ethical & internationally well reputed laboratories. Such reports are detailed reports based on 14 different parameters of diamond, including the 4Cs that are basic to diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

In addition to CKC's internal high standards of DIAMOND EYE DETECTION SYSTEM (DEDS), which is an elaborate system to assure each client of ethically mined, natural diamonds, upholding the Kimberley Process Certification System, and CKC's own proprietary system of over 30 checks.

C. Krishniah Chetty Group commits to sell only Natural Diamonds mined from the soil of the earth. "Synthetic", "Lab-Grown", "Man-Made", "Man-Enhanced", "Above-Ground made", created, cultured, artificially treated or in any way altered, except by meticulous cutting, are not acceptable to be sold as "Natural" Diamonds.

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