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  • Birth of Cotha Krishniah Chetty, The founder of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

  • Cotha Audinarayana Chetty, takes the business into the Diamond Era. The early tools used for making jewellery.

  • The early days of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, when the Royal Houses and aristocracy of South and Central India were attracted by the sterling craftsmanship. Depicted above - a showcase with silver tea service, salvers, and the rich interiors of the shop where business was conducted sitting on 'gaddis' on the floor.

  • The famous motif, the Ganda Bherunda, a mythical bird which was the emblem of the Royal House of Mysore, and went on to become a fashion statement. The emblem was repeated in various pieces of jewellery and set with rubies, emeralds, diamonds and pearls, inlaid in gold. It was, and still is a popular design with both the royals and the common man.

  • Cotha Venkatachalapathy Chetty worked alongside his father. His father was confined to bed due to a paralytic stroke, until he passed away in 1955.

  • A perambulator commissioned by His Highness, the Maharaja of Sandur for his son, crafted in Silver at the C. Krishniah Chetty Group workshop. Again showing the understanding of the client and designing products to commensurate lifestyle.

  • The iconic jewellery of that time included the Turrai, a turban ornament, a diamond-studded pocket watch specially crafted by Rolex for C. Krishniah Chetty Group, trophies ordered by the army for polo matches, a key presented to Sir Mirza Ismail at the opening of Russell Market, which was a landmark. This period was a productive and innovative era, distinguished by fine craftsmanship.

  • A typical workshop corner - complete with tools of an artist and under the blessings of The Almighty

  • The first fashion show of Bangalore at the Lal Bagh Glass House, celebrating the centenary of C. Krishniah Chetty Group. Under the leadership of the two brothers, Narayan and Hayagriv, despite several set-backs, the brand withstood the test of time. The yearlong celebrations made C. Krishniah Chetty Group the favoured destination for both the aristocrats and the common man.

  • The legacy continues as C. Vinod Hayagriv joins C. Krishniah Chetty Group. A gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America.

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers, another CKC Group Company, starts functioning to cater to the demand for large solitaires, fine jewellery and corporate gifting, to allow for increased growth of the brand.

  • Vivaha Wedding Jewellery showcased at Iskcon Temple - a first-of-its-kind event.

  • 100 Famous Diamonds exhibited by C. Krishniah Chetty Group. Included the replicas of The Cullinan, The Sancy, The Idol's Eye, The Kohinoor, The Orloff and many more. No one had ever seen replicas of so many famous diamonds in one place - February 1998.

  • Award for Value, Integrity and Growth. C. Krishniah Chetty Group receives the Rotary Centennial Legend Award.

  • Initiated expansion plans for C. Krishniah Chetty Group.

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group launches the Flagship Diamond Experience Showroom in Bangalore.

  • Alliance with the famed 1st family of Diamonds in the world - Tolkowsky.

  • All India Winner in a month long contest by Rio Tinto in December 2009, across 13 regions and 240 stores across India, accolades 'Best Anant Store in India'.

  • Chaitanya V. Cotha joins the business with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Regis University and Gemological Education at Carlsbad, USA.

  • Launched by CKC Group with Chaitanya V. Cotha as MD, B2B business venture.

  • The Launch of India's First Rate Protection Plan. The Gold Standard 1869 - The Rate Protection PlanTM.

  • C Vinod Hayagriv, Managing Director nominated to the Board of The World Diamond Council, New York and Israel, representing India.

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group, sponsors of 59th Filmfare Awards 2011, South

  • Emerald Crest: Winner - Best Earring Design. Queen Conch: Finalist - Best Pearl Jewellery

  • Touchstone Chennai showroom sold in the wake of disputes on the Board, to try to help dissolve ongoing disputes amongst the shareholders.

  • Split talks fail, as majority do not wish the split the companies and a minority wishes to split the companies.

  • Won the Fashion Award in the International Pearl Design Competition 2014-15, America

  • The Luxury Jewellery Boutique Experience At The Touchstone Airport, at the Domestic Terminal, BIAL

  • An honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management "Honoris Causa" - for "Excellence in Management and Undisputed Commitment to benefit both country and society at large" by the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission, in association with the University of South Korea.

  • The CKC Group launches its first Mall Boutique dedicated to Solitaire Diamonds, in association with Forevermark - A Debeers Company - December 2016.

  • C Krishniah Chetty Group raises funds through the sale of Diamond Paintings by Reena Ahluwalia. These funds further contributed to build and renovate government primary schools

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group received indias greates brands and leaders award from Asia one in 2017 (Reviewed by Pierce Waterhouse Cooper PL)

  • The CKC Garage Vintage Car Collection helps to create interest in all things Vintage.

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Institute of Fine Jewellery gets ready at the Touchstone West, Bengaluru. Defining standards again in skill development and high production standards.

  • Coloured Gemstone Earring Award won yet again.

  • Celebrating 150 Glorious Years - The Sesquicentennial takes off.

  • Cotha Krishniah Chetty's first tool-of-trade, selling coloured beads to the British residents, on a bi-cycle and opened a small shop in a by lane of Commercial Street.

  • His Highness Sri Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, who appointed Cotha Krishniah Chetty as jewellers to the Royal Court. Thus began the journey of the Golden Era of Cotha Audinarayana Chetty.

  • During the tenure of Cotha Audinarayana Chetty jewellery was made at the Commercial Street workshop and sent to the branch on Avenue Road, and Mysore. This jewellery, which is now categorised as antiques, is auctioned internationally as collectibles. The business that started more than a century ago has withstood the winds of change.

  • Early designs by master artists, silver trowels and salvers, gifts for His Highness, The Maharaja of Mysore. The designers at CKC Group were masters of balance, form, flow and aesthetics.

  • A replica of a temple door designed and made for His Highness Maharaja K. R. Wodeyar's 25th anniversary of his ascension to the throne. He reigned until 1927. Every piece made for a client as august as His Highness, bore the inimitable style of CKC and the style of the Royal House.

  • This picture stands as a commemorative frame, a CKC Group speciality made for His Highness, the Maharaja of Mysore who presented it to Sir Mirza Ismail - The most recognised Diwan of the State of Mysore. Photo frames that were originally in wood and silver progressed into the ultimate art form - which CKC crafted in large numbers.

  • The year of 1955 marks a very traumatic and important year. Both C. Audinarayana Chetty and C. Venkatachalapathy Chetty passed away within a span of 12 months, forcing 2 teenagers to take over at the young age of 14 & 18.

  • An exterior and interior view of The Heritage showroom at Commercial Street that was renovated by Razi Mohammed in 1962, and was the first air conditioned showroom in the City. The architecture was innovative with small windows and closed doors for the first time. Thereby, making C. Krishniah Chetty Group exclusive and for the elite of India.

  • Farook Engineer receiving the silver cricket blade that eventually came up for auction in London.

  • C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons new renovated showroom opened and made the jewellery industry look up to another innovation.

  • The progress of C. Krishniah Chetty Group during this period lists several achievements. Modern InfoTech progress, Gemmological labs, Diamond certifications, use of computers, hallmarking of jewellery, awards for advertising and films, were some of the highlights which took the company forward into the realms of a modern enterprise.

  • Coffee table book project launched with Dr. Usha Balakrishna.

  • Introduction of The Ultimate Certification for Diamonds - certificate records all of the relevant information like carat weight, colour, measurements & physical properties - February 1998.

  • Introduced laser marking, a special personal message, date or initials inscribed onto a diamond's girdle - another first in India.

  • A Gold cricket bat was commissioned by the TVS Group of Companies, for Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, on the occasion of his 35th test century, where he was expected to score a historic 10,000 runs.

  • Natural Coloured Diamonds introduced 2006 by C. Krishniah Chetty Group.

  • Best New Retail Showroom at the Retail Jeweller India Awards 2008, for their flagship showroom.

  • Best Retail Promotion of the Year at 2009 the Retail Jeweller India Awards, 2009.

  • The mascots enter CKC and continue to win accolades, including Mysore Kennel Club Awards.

  • The prestigious Retail Jeweller India Awards 2010 for the Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year.

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group launches The High Street Experience at Jayanagar.

  • Conflict on board surfaces due to Nondisclosure of Interest in competing jewellery entity by one director.

  • Shreyas V Cotha joins with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Babson College. A Rockhound, with Gemological knowledge, pictured here soon after his 100 Carat Tourmaline find.

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group Indian laureate to be nominated in the top 10 amongst 1350 contestants, 47 countries - Bejing, China.

  • Retail Promotion of the Year award from Retail Jeweller India Awards, 2013 for campaign Custom Designed Diamond Jewellery Festival.

  • Retail Promotion of the Year award from Retail Jeweller India Awards, 2014, for "The Navayoni Sri Chakra- Yantra

  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group launches The Luxury Jewellery Experience at Malleswaram.

  • Won "Gold Jewellery of the Year" at 2015 the Retail Jeweller India Award, 2015.

  • C Vinod Hayagriv awarded "Lifetime Achievement Award" by The Indian Retail Awards at The Retail Congress Year 2016

  • Path-Breaker' won the Fantasy award & 'Ivy' the Wedding Day Pearls award at International Pearl Design Competition 2016-17 by the Cultured Pearl Association of America.

  • The C Krishniah Chetty Foundation adopts 4 Government Primary Schools in association with Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore and Rotary Club of Bangalore

  • Shining Stars 2017: To celebrate International Women's Day on March 18th, 2017 C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Companies honoured seven extraordinary women who had blazed a trail of success, each in their own individual sphere.

  • Dr. Vinod Hayagriv awarded "India's Greatest Leaders" by "Asia One" C. Krishniah Chetty Group awarded "India's Greatest Brands" by "Asia One"

  • International Pearl Design Competition 2019 USA Award won by our 16 member design team.

  • Innovative Reward Programmes launched for our discerning clients. A year of rewards, gratitude and wishes on our Sesquicentennial Year

  • The majority directors win 2 court cases over the minority oppressors at City Civil Court and the NCLT, Bangaluru.