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Aquamarine, celebrated for its captivating & serene blue hues, is the birthstone of March.



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Gemstone Shape Stone Colour Stone Weight Stone Origin Price  
Yellow Sapphire Single EMERALD CUT Yellow 15.100 SRI LANKA 2574080.0 Know more
Yellow Sapphire Single EMERALD CUT Yellow 9.260 SRI LANKA 728420.0 Know more
Emerald Single EMERALD CUT Green 3.850 COLOMBIA 545130.0 Know more
Topaz Blue Oval Light Blue 137.300 BRAZIL 127980.0 Know more
Ruby Single Oval Red 2.020 THAILAND 286020.0 Know more
Tanzanite EMERALD CUT Purple 6.660 TANZANIA 167200.0 Know more
Ruby Single Cushion Red 2.010 MYANMAR 527040.0 Know more
Emerald Single Oval Green 2.910 ZAMBIA 721620.0 Know more
Emerald Single Cushion Green 4.010 COLOMBIA 794900.0 Know more
Ruby Single Cushion Red 3.350 THAILAND 281090.0 Know more
Basara Pearl Round White 3.030 BASARA 235570.0 Know more
Ruby Single Oval Red 2.340 MOZAMBIQUE 362980.0 Know more
Morganite Oval Light Brown 5.690 BRAZIL 26820.0 Know more
South Sea Pearl Round Grey 26.590 25460.0 Know more
Ruby Single Oval Red 2.630 MYANMAR 262050.0 Know more
Blue Sapphire Single EMERALD CUT Blue 4.100 MADAGASCAR 972050.0 Know more
Garnet Oval Brown 7.200 BRAZIL 8500.0 Know more
Ruby Single EMERALD CUT Red 7.460 THAILAND 93640.0 Know more
Ruby Single Oval Red 6.430 MYANMAR 5891760.0 Know more
Ruby Single Pear Red 2.970 THAILAND 40540.0 Know more
Opal FANCY CUT 15.930 AUSTRALIA 33330.0 Know more